Friday, December 12, 2008

Eco-friendly Diet

The issue of environmental change is two-prong: conservation and new resource development. Conservation is something we all can choose to participate in. Doing something simple to help the environment consistently and daily is certainly more producive than bemoaning being unable to make mass sweeping changes.

If you leave this article with one thought, let it be this: Health of our bodies is directly tied to the health of our planet. By preparing our own foods, (fresh produce,whole foods), we help our body, and reduce waste of fossil fuel and emissions.

By cooking at home whole foods and produce from local farmers you can:

Reduce electricity and gasoline use: Cooking whole foods at home, as opposed to buying processed food full of grease and mystery, is in fact conserving fuel tremendously. Whole foods are often grown locally, so you help support local farmers. It’s fresh, -no electricity and gas spent on freeze storage for months and transport in refrigerated trucks across country.

Reduce food processing: Food is processed to be preserved because there is big distance and time gap between harvesting and market place. By consuming foods from local farmers, we reduce the need to preserve food, as it is being directly marketed to the neighboring counties and states.

Reduce grease in your food: At home we usually do not own a deep fryer, so when we cook, our food is less greasy. Restaurants love oil,- it heats faster than water and stays hot longer. Oil cooks in 7 minutes what would take at least 45 minutes to sautee. Disposing this very multi-refried oil is considered a hazardous waste; it has to be properly disposed of in a designated way. If we choose to eat out regularly, not only do we over-pay 3 times the supermarket cost, we end up eating greasy food, and ingest this very same eco hazard!

CENYC - Council on Envionment of New York City- already realized that local farmers help reduce the use of energy expanded on transport and storage of food. This food also happens to be good for us and so they decided to promote farmers markets, which became the like the proverbial stone which gets two birds (see the link below).

Collectively, we must consider global use of fossil fuel. By deciding to eat eco-friendly – fresh, non-frozen, whole foods, locally grown (at least mostly), and preparing them ourselves, we benefit our body and the body of our planet.

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