Monday, December 1, 2008

December Sun

As the really cold days draw near, it is important to take in as much fresh outdoor air as possible, along with sunlight and physical activity.

New moms, try to expose your little ones to the sunlight as much as possible now for boost in their bone development (sunlight activates vitamin D which in turn conducts calcium absorption into the bones). During cold winters there is inevitable sunlight deprivation. These days let’s soak in as much sun as we can. December sun is not harmful, becuase the sun is now at an indirect angle; in the summer sun is directly above us so its coming in stronger. Have no fear, soak it all in.

The months when sunlight is scarce and it's too cold for playground outdoors, parents should seek out free activity alternatives, such as story readings in local libraries or book stores (Barnes & Noble does it, Borders, too), free hours at local gymboree playhouses, childrens museums, etc. There are also paid activities at affordable rates, like the local Y which include indoor swimming, dancing, martial arts, sports or just childrens free gym play time.
Mommy-and-me yoga class is another great option to stave off inactivity during the cold season

Winter, the season when nature is in its most dormant state, can be time of stimulation-driven development for our tots if we make sure we fill their days with fun, activities and learning.

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