Thursday, November 27, 2008

Folk Remedy for Cold & Flu

Here is some advice from folk medicine which is very befitting during cold and flu season.

If you experience congestion (nasal, +), here is a remedy:

Boil 3 potatoes (make sure they are brown, thick skin potatoes). When fully boiled (about 20 min, depending on amount of water used*). Take the pot off the stove, use the thick towel or light blanket to cover your head as you inhale the vapor. Keep your face about 1 foot away from the pot, and do about 4-5 inhalation sessions with 1-2 min intervals to come up for fresh air, as the vapor is very hot and can only be tolerated for about 1-2 minutes. In total you get 5-10 minutes of vapor from potato skin which posessess a certain curative quality and causes expulsion of mucus. So at the end of the inhalation session you should feel congestion break and mucus expulsion will occur.

Try to stay warm after the session as it opens up your pores to cold. (Doing before going to bed or to sleep is most effective!). Stay Healthy and be Well.

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