Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunlight and Human Health

Sunlight and human health alternative medicine

We often hear how it is healthy to be outdoors and get fresh air, but sunlight which we get outdoors has not been properly credited for its immense health benefits. Exposure to sunlight activates vitamin D in bloodstream, which in turn promotes absorption of calcium into bones. This is especially important for infants and young children during their growth and bone density development. In fact, the difference sun makes in the bones of a growing baby is visible. My friend's daughter was born bowlegged. As any concerned mom she took her to pediatricians and none offered a remedy that worked. Even orthopedic braces were suggested!, but she could not subject her infant to that. Finally she found a homeopathic practitioner who told her to keep the baby in the sunlight about 30 minutes a day for the duration of the summer and the bones would straighten on their own. My friend was very sceptical, but being that there were no other reasonable remedies offered, she followed this advice. At the end of two months of following the sun therapy, the baby's legs got visibly straighter. Even after the warm season ended and she could no longer enjoy the sun therapy, the bones proceeded to grow straight. Amazing!
Sun is also beneficial to seniors, whose bone mass tends to decline with age. The effect of sunlight on bones of seniors is not as drastic as seen in children, however. But since many seniors have arthritis, the warmths from the sun serves to relieve the arthritis pain.
One more important aspect of sunlight is that it raises a sense of well being by having uplifting effect on the mood. This is very significant for seniors. There have been studies in the past which showed that in nursing homes the highest mortality rates are in the late autumn and winter, the months of least sunlight. This is why so many of our elderly enjoy their golden years in Florida. But as it turns out, such climate is not only pleasant, its beneficial to them and promotes longevity.

With declining ozone levels, sun exposure has received bad reputation in recent years. We get warned all the time that it's harmful, causes age spots, agesthe skin, and even increases risk of skin cancer. These concerns may apply to sun abusers. We all have seen the most extreme of them on cruises, Florida beaches, or at Caribbean resorts, super -browned people with otherwise fair features and skin. As with almost all things, in moderation, sun is very healthy for the skin, boosting elements within which in turn cause skin to feel tighter, and appear fresher, more radiant.

So go out there and enjoy the sun on your skin, feel it uplift your spirit, and feel the benefits beneath the skin, in your bones!

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