Sunday, November 23, 2008

Positive Thinking - Power to Create Your World

One of the benefits of sunlight, which we have discussed here previously, is its positive, uplifting effects on mood. But sun comes and goes with changing hours and seasons. So the source of our inner light, to make it permanent, is result of work we do on ourselves. Spiritually and psychologically we should work on ourselves to be at the level where we can create our private sunlight within. To most of us that light comes from faith. Whatever may be our source, the sunlight of positive thinking within us is perhaps the most important component of our health.

It is very significant to appreciate this thought: We have the power to create our own world through the vantage point we choose to view it. Our attitude dictates the attitudes of others toward us. The people we attract into our lives or how people treat us, is direct result of what we project. Positive thinking enables us to create a positive world. Think about it: start off on the right foot with neighbors or co-workers, and coming home or going to work is that much more pleasant. Smiling and saying "thank you", usually elicit the same response. And the opposite is true, as well.

Of course, there is direct connection between well being and living positively. Stress levels are low for individual who chooses to surround himself by positive relationships and state of mind. Positive thinking is also an excellent stress reducer. Thinking that everything will work out and not fail, looking at life as mainly good instead of focus on shortcomings, - these and more are all stress reducing factors, which we have complete control over; they are literally in our head, in our decision to view our world a certain way. Among the many benefits of low stress life are lower blood pressure, healthy sleep and appetite, and greater sense of joy. Just being happy!

Sure, life can be bumpy. Sometimes we make decisions we wish we could undo, but regret never accomplishes anything, its a wasted, empty emotion. When we experience setbacks, it is important to remain in positive state of mind and think clearly and rationally in order to make the most of any opportunity in life that comes our way. A friend once told me her perspective on failed attempts in life, - "you just learned how not to do something, it was still a learning experience!" This may seem humorous but it is in fact important to remember that we make our own sunshine, even on the darkest of nights. To keep that light going, we must feed it light from all we do, as for instance, in our interaction with other people - we greet them, they greet us back, we say good, encouraging words, they will pass on back same to us. Kindness goes a long way.

For those of us, whose source of light is faith, think of it as bringing light from Above into this world each time you do a good deed. Like when you give charity, or act charitably, or when you just do smallest acts of kindness toward strangers coming your way, or people in your life. We will continue to revisit this topic in the upcoming issues as it is significant to keep it in the overall wellness perspective. After all, it is positive thinking that gives us that most motivational “Yes, I can” attitude, and that is in fact what drives us to excel from within in life.

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